School is more than teaching.

„Do not read odes my son, read the timetables, they are more accurate” This is how Hans Magnus Enzenberger’s poem (Ins Lesebuch für die Oberstufe) begins. Written as a reaction to the horrors of National Socialism, he expresses his disappointment that the concept of a classical general education neither prevented the thugs to commit atrocities nor did it provide the victims with the necessary knowledge of how to resist effectively.

The school community of the BRG/MS Klusemannstraße faces the challenges that result from this disappointment.

Besides giving our pupils a classical general education and conveying cultural techniques and key qualifications, it is a matter of great importance to us to give pupils the space to experience themselves as active, critical members of a democratic community.

It is our daily task to accompany children from all levels of society with different cultural backgrounds in the process of growing up and growing into the community of adults as well as to provide them with creativity, sophistication, respect for others and the courage to make use of their freedom.

With how much affection for children and youths, commitment and mutual esteem this is done is shown clearly on and by this homepage.

I would like to express my thanks to all teachers, pupils, parents und members of staff, who show great commitment for the school. Last but not least, I would like to thank the “homepage team”, which has very skilfully opened to us a window to the world and has made new contacts possible.

MMag. Klaus Tasch

In der Direktion arbeitet ein gutes Team. Wir möchten noch die Administration (…weiter) und das Sekretariat (…weiter) vorstellen.