TAFF – Bonded by Water – Places to Create

Veröffentlicht am 20. Oktober 2021

These are the outstanding ERASMUS+ projects of our school, not to mention additional mobilities of students and teachers, which were thankfully guaranteed by the EU. The major targets of the above-mentioned projects were, first of all, to connect people throughout Europe, then to animate students to think out of the box and finally to equip and prepare young people for future challenges.

To ensure that not only part-taking members of the project benefit from these measures, we installed a mobile exhibition of the outcome in our school’s entrance hall. Different students, at different levels were being introduced to the main ideas of the projects, as well as the opportunities that are being offered by ERASMUS+. After this introductory part, many discussions among the students arose. The most debated question was, ‘how can we take part in such a project!?’

Hopefully, we’ll be able to offer such enlightening chances to future students as well, because we can already reap what we sowed.