Our Human Rights’ Day

Veröffentlicht am 18. Dezember 2020

By Sophie Bauer and Lilly Fortmüller (3c)

We (Lilly F. and Sophie B.) want to tell you something about the Human Rights’ day in our class. Normally this day is celebrated very big at the Klusemann, but unfortunately it did not work this year due to corona, so the teachers (Ms Rahstorfer, Ms Schrei-Scharp and Mr Karácsonyi) came up with something very special for this day. They had great ideas how to celebrate the Human Rights’ Day together as a class despite corona. In the first lesson we learned something about children’s rights, we wrote down some children’s rights and also watched an interesting film for a few minutes about  this topic. In the second and third lesson we were allowed to choose a child’s right and to design a poster in teams of two. In the end we put some beautiful, colourful and creative posters on the board.

In the fourth and last period we went out together and took some great photos, with a couple of us holding up letters and forming the words ‘children’s rights’.

Overall, we enjoyed the day very much and learned a lot about children’s rights all over the world.

Again, a big thank you to Ms Rahstorfer, Ms Schrei-Scharp and Mr Karácsonyi for creating such a beautiful day with us despite the coronavirus.